- Region 1 Commitee Meeting Minutes- June 27, 2022

Region 1 Commitee

On April 12, 2023 Region 1 Committee had a Zoom Meeting.

The Committee discussed the following  topics and following decisions were made:

1. Current Region 1 budget

Enforce the collections of the rebates from all sanctioned and unsanctioned competitions hosted in Region 1 in accordance with USAG Rules & Policies.

If the host club does not send the rebate to the Regional account, the Bids for hosting the State and Regional competitions next year won't be considered.

Approved by the Committee.

2. West Coast Cup in June 2023 hosting by BB Ignatoba and Anastasia Fomina

Discussed by the Committee

3. Proposal to USAG Rhythmic Program Committee (RPC) to increase the number of qualifying spots at National L6-8 Development Championships-

 The Proposal Letter  to USAG will be prepared by Masha Krakovskaya

4. Scores Inquires allowance at the coming regional championships

- Inquiries will be allowed up to USAG Rules & Policies

5. Proposal to not permit gymnasts to compete for the new club if they changed the club during the competitive season

-Rejected by Committee

Please review the Region 1 Committee Zoom Meeting Minutes for your information.

The Region 1 All-Members Zoom Meeting is planned to be at the end of May or  June.

The date will be announced later. 

Please submit your Proposals and Concerns now to properly prepare Agenda for Meeting.

Region 1 Commitee Meeting Minutes- June 14, 2023

Please see minutes from Region 1 Committee below covering financial issues, Region 1 policy for coming 2023-2024 and several competition dates.

Please note the dates for 2023 Regional Qualifying Group Tournaments for L4 Synchronized and L5/6 Groups:

December 02, 2023 - Virtual 2023 Regional Qualifying Group Tournament

December 9-10, 2023 - In-person 2023 Regional Qualifying Group Tournament

(only one competition for NCA, SCA, Nevada and Utah).

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