Region 1 Events

Upcoming Events 2021-2022 Season

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Oct. 2021

Spooky Invitational

Oct 22-24

Champion Rhythmics

Nov 2021

Sacramento Online- Virtual Zoom Event

Nov 13-14

Elena Bulanin

Sacramento Rhythmic

2022-2024 FIG Code Of Points Preview

Nov 15

Katya Yakhimovich

Zoom Meeting

Watch recording here

Dec 2021

Rhythmic Girl Invitational

Dec 10-12

Rhythmic Academy LA

Azusa Pacific University

Winter Wonderland

Dec 11-12

San Diego Rhythms

Boys and Girls Club San Diego

Rhythmic Candy Canes

Dec 11-12

Diana's Rhythmic

San Jose CA

Holiday Cup

Dec 17-19

Burlo Gymnastics

Chatsworth, CA

Region 1 Group Championship

Level 4 Synchronized Floor & Level 5/6 Group Floor

December 19

Burlo Gymnastics

Chatsworth, CA

Jan 2022

Rhythmic LA 2022

Jan 27-30

Rhythmic Academy LA

Cerritos City College

Friendship Cup

Jan 29-30

Bulanin RG

Online Competition

Feb 2022

Golden State Cup

Feb 4-6

Burlo Gymnastics

Chatsworth CA

Sacramento Online Stars

Feb 20-21

Bulanin Rhythmic Gymnastics

Zoom/Youtube Live

San Diego Cup 2022

Feb 25-27

Champion Rhythmic

San Diego CA

March 2022

Rhythmic Divas Invitational &

Navada/Utah State Championships

March 19-20

Navada Rhythmic Academy

Las Vegas, NV

Socal State Championships

March 26-27

Level 6-8- Int/Adv Group-Invitational

LA Cup 2022

Mar 31-Apr 2

Rhythmic Academy LA

LA City Mission College

April 2022

Norcal State Championships

April 2-3

All Levels

Las Vegas Invitational

April 8-10


Las Vegas, NV

Socal State Championships

April 16-17

Level 3-5- Beg Group-Xcel

Region 1 Championships

April 22-24

Level 6-8- Int/Adv Group

May 2022

Region 1 Championships

May 6-8

Level 3-5- Beg Group

Crystal Cup 2022

May 20-22

Rhythmic Academy LA